Curbed Seattle Asks Us to Shift Our Perspectives as They Highlight Buck Quarter Ranch

On June 23, just days after Buck Quarter Ranch came onto the market, Tom Trimbath of Curbed Seattle featured the property in “Shift Your Perspective for This $11M Pend Oreille Estate.” The article begins with Trimbath’s astonishment over the sheer size of the home and property, as he notes that “the house is a quarter acre inside” while “the property is over 1.4 square miles.” Apart from the grand scale, Trimbath adds that “the house alone is worth a book,” continuing that “every bedroom, every bathroom is taken to such a high level of luxury and decoration to surpass most typical homes.” Yet he also says that Buck Quarter Ranch is well-balanced, describing that the owners added fine details in woodwork and ornate carving “but held back from going to extremes.”